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TalentsToday is a worldwide IT outstaffing service created to help the clients scale up the teams fast and get the reliable remote developers within a day.

Developers on demand
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Our mission is to build a unique environment that allows to engage the developers on demand from all over the world.
For over 10 years we have been cooperating with hundreds of customers and thousands of developers. Extensive and successful experience in IT field prompted us to create the service that you will definitely love.
Our network database consists of
10 000+ developers
Currently we are cooperating with
200+ IT companies
We love what we do and are proud to become a part of your business.
3 easy steps to get your project done:
Request a Talent and get the candidates within a day.
Interview them personally and choose the best one.
Sign an Agreement and get started with the developer directly.
Request a Talent Today and enjoy the work done already Tomorrow!
Request a Talent Today and enjoy the work done already Tomorrow!
Your name
Enter your preferred contact method
Type your expectations or questions
Our TalentsToday benefits:
Fast delivery
24-hour resource delivery time.
Quick start
Immediate availability of the provided resources.
No minimum or maximum time commitment
Involve the developer from several hours up to 12 months.
Unlimited technology stack
We are covering 100+ IT Technologies.
Part-time or full-time involvement
Choose the best option for your project.
Hourly rate or fixed monthly payment
Pay only for actual worked hours.
Stop the work of the developer or engage a new one at any time.
Work by your rules
Work with a developer by the rules of your Company in line with your own project management.
High Quality Standards and legal guarantees
All our developers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Dedicated Talent Manager throughout the entire project.
Your project is on deadline and the team urgently requires additional resources.
We are at your service if:
You plan a quick start but the standard recruitment process takes more time.
It's impossible to determine the project's load and duration precisely.
You have an urgent one time task to be completed ASAP or need a high level of expertise to solve an IT problem.
You temporarily need certain skills which are not typical for the project, and not included in the team expertise.
You lack of available resources locally or you would like to involve a team of developers ASAP.
Our goal is to help you to keep your project on schedule and within the planned budget!
12+ years of experience in IT outstaffing service at TOP 5 IT Companies.
Larisa Shapoval
Elena Talalay
Iryna Lysenko
Olga Timoshenko
Knows how, what, when, where, why, whatever… Just ask.
Too kind, so, you can always get the best possible prices.
12+ years of experience in advising companies through the life cycle of business operations.
Her goal is to find the best solution for you. If there is no solution – she creates it.
Likes people.
15+ years of experience in client service management.
Makes people happy.
Understands you without words.
Become frustrated when there are no clients requiring her help.
5+ years of experience in recruitment and resources delivery.
Has a gift to find the right people at the right place.
Able to name all IT technologies even if you wake her up at night.
You should do your best to stop her.

Our Team

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Client Succes Manager
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